Interiors & Architectural Photography

Josh Goetz Photography provides clients with clear visual representations of their spaces, designs, layouts, and decor. Our images are utilized for portfolios and websites, supporting marketing and advertising campaigns across a wide variety of industries.

We are committed to producing exceptional interior, exterior, and aerial images that cater to the exact visual needs of our clients.

Our clients include architecture firms, developers, interior design firms, marketing agencies, retail chains, interior decorators, restaurants, and more.

Real Estate Photography 

Working with a number of top agents around New York has given Josh Goetz Photography an edge on the latest marketing tools in today's real estate industry. Whether you're looking for beautiful Images of your home or your a real estate agent looking to market your next property, we can provide the quality you need to showcase your listing in the best way possible.

We offer competitive pricing, High Definition Virtual Photo Tours with options for custom domain, aerial photography, twilight photography, and rush delivery. As a beautifully staged house is a key ingredient for a successful shoot, please reach out to us if you need support in this area as well.

Drone Photography

In architectural photography, the main goal is to show a visual representation of a building, structure, or community.  Drones are equipped with the latest image technology, so you are guaranteed to get high-resolution architectural and real estate photos. 

Drones are the best option for showing the surroundings of a structure, place, or property from up in the air. They help give these properties meaning and context, thereby giving viewers a more concrete sense of the place.

Aerial photography from drones allows you to capture you're listings from unique perspectives. The versatility of the images captured by drones for real estate is likely one of the most commendable benefits of aerial photography.

Home & Business Decor 

Choosing the right decor for a space sets the tone for you're business or home. By focusing on unique coastal landscapes throughout New York, our images provide a close connection to the water that surrounds us.

Custom shoots can be requested for specific locations or customers have the ability to choose from our gallery.

You can find our images featured in restaurants and other businesses throughout Long Island.

All images in the print shop are available in a multitude of formats with some of the most popular being natural wood framing, metal prints, acrylic prints, and many more options.


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